Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When horrific events happen, it makes you re-evaluate your current life's position and take stock of the condition of the life you are living. If your world was to suddenly end as you know it, would you have lived the life you wanted to live, or did you simply live the life you allowed yourself to live. Most people are scared to take the risks needed to be what they want to be. No one says as a child in school that their dream are to work for the state of Ohio processing travel reports, yet there have been many people who have landed in that position.

Fear stops us from reaching our full potential. Fear of the unknown, fear of being judged and fear of truly becoming great and that once we reach that goal there will be nothing left to go after. So we hold ourselves back from really achieving the goals we want and therefore we are living a life that is substandard and unfulfilled by our on doing.

If something were to happen to this tiny spot I live in, I would think back to all the things I wanted to do, but was to afraid to do, with the realization that I'll never get to achieve what I really wanted to do with my life. Worrying about all the tiny things that in the end don't matter at all take up to much of our lives. We need to strive for things that make us happy, and in doing so we will create a better life for ourselves.

In a previous blog I was worried about something I had no control over. Well I did have control over most of the situation, but my actions led to the result of my becoming powerless. That thought had controlled my mind for a solid three days, and in that time none of my energy was devoted towards going after what would make me happy. Three days of wasting my time on negative energy, and three days of not living the life I wanted to live. There were things that I was in the process of going after but halted because I could not get to the place mentally where I needed to be.

I want to live a life that I can be proud of. I want to do more than simply exist. I know that worrying about things I have no control over are futile. Out of this tragedy I have learned that my actions are important and concentrating on the negative will only increase the negativity and will further derail me from the life I want to lead. I don't want to be the person saying "I hate cold weather," yet continue to live in Ohio. I want to be the person who packs up her stuff and moves to a warmer place. The tragedy in Haiti has me more focused on doing things that will improve my life, and thus it will make a way for me to improve the lives of others.

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