Monday, May 9, 2011

It's been awhile

Wow, its been a minute since I've documented my life, and a lot has changed. First off my obsession is on vacation. So whether I wanted a break or not I got one. I believe for the most part it is good, I know I was driving him crazy with my constant doubt-ty-ness so he deserves a well earned break from the madness which can be me.

My car was away from me for over a week and during that time all it seemed to do was rain, and rain, and then rain some more. But now there is nothing but blue skies and warm weather.

For a minute I actually thought about moving out of my place and into an apartment with another person. But thank God she ran her mouth, she ran it soo much I realized that I could never live with her no matter how desperate I was. She is the kinda person who always has to have an opinion, and its always the opposite of yours. You know the kind who thinks they know everything. Everything? EVERYTHANG!!!! After a while it gets annoying and borders on stupidity. One thing it taught me is to live my life on my terms.

So what if I talk about NY and have sex with someone else. Sex and feelings are not one in the same. Telling me that I don't have what I do have and that I'll never have my happily ever after. Wrong move. I live in a world where a regular girl, married a Prince and will one day become Queen. If that can happen to her, I can surely live my version of that.

In fact I believe to some extent it did happen, our of all the girls he could of chosen, he picked me!!!! Who says fairy tales don't come true?
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