Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It is easy to be positive when things are going your easy. Seriously what is there to complain about when everything is going your way. In times where life hands you something other than rainbows it's still a time to look on the bright side. Things can always be worse, look around your temporary situation is someone elses full time situation. What you may not have at the moment someone else may never even possess. When things are not going my way, usually do to my own fault, I simply look around and say thanks for all I do have and for all I have accomplished. I have acheivements most people will never reach. I strongly believe we are put in situations to help us move forward and to grow. Knowing what we need to work on and actually working on those issues two totally different things. Having to work on those issues is what makes us better more understanding, compassionate people. Even though I am currently in a less than desirable situation. I still offer thanks.....and in a month where there have been more wet days than dry, I am currently thankful I made it home dry :-)
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