Monday, December 7, 2009

You want to do what???

For five years I have read books consistently. Every time you see me, you see a book in my hand. I first started reading out of pure necessity. I had recently moved to Columbus and soon after I began taking the bus to work. Now before this time I would have never declare myself a book worm, hell I went all the way through college without ever cracking open a book. I did graduate but lets just say that in retrospect I would have read the books instead of carting them to and from class and home. My GPA would have been greatly enhanced had I just taken the time to read what was written between the covers.

I had never in my life had I been on public transportation so I was unaware of the dangers that would accompany me on my way to and from work. The dangers I personally came in contact with were the men I like to call toothless wonders. It seemed that I was a target to men that were missing four or more teeth. And they knew it, they would see me just sitting there and I'm going guessing but to them I must have appeared as an easy target and highly approachable. Men with various formations of missing teeth would approach me and try to pick me up. I soon learned that to stop these crazy toothless men from coming directly to me, not stopping at go but instead landing directly in my vicinity, I needed a diversion and thus I started reading.

At first I would read only during my trips to and from work. Then it started to increase to during work hours and then finally I was reading all the time. If I was meeting someone and they were late I would pull out my book to read a few pages. I was at the point were I was inseparable from these authors. Then one day a thought entered my mind "you should write a book" at first it was just a small tickle so I just shrugged it off, but through the years that tickle would get louder and louder until it was a full blown tantrum, telling me that I needed to write a book. I am proud to say that I am currently working on my first novel, and when asked what I do for a living instead of saying I work for the state I proudly announce that I'm a writer.

Do you hear that universe, I'm a writer!!! Oprah said put it out there so I'm putting it out there ;-)

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