Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2

Today is a new day!!! And my thoughts are all over the place. My right ear is currently less than 100%, last night when I went to new my nose was stuffy. I remember thinking I should.take some nasal decongestant to help, but I was too lazy to get up and search for the medicine. This morning I wake up to a clear nose, and clogged ears. It's really ironic if you think about it, I spent weeks coming into work with a wet head....only to go under the weather once I go back to straight. I wonder if its because I was boasting yesterday about my ability to not get sick that now, I'm being shown that I am after all human.

My next thought is my hair colour, which brings me to the close up picture. I think I want more blond. I tried to wear it darker, but seriously my hair rejects that color and longs to be light. There has been a long history if me and light hair, and now that I'm off relaxing it, I see no reason to not experiment. The president just came under fire for having darker hair, and I could only think is it really that wrong to dye? For me and my hair the answer is no. As long as there is a hair on my head, it will be a color God did not bless me with.

Lastly my thoughts are on NY. I'm planning a trip to go back to see someone I met last year on a cruise. I recently reconnect with the person over Christmas, and had a lovely time. But to go back, by myself to see them, it really makes me nervous. I want to go, I really do, but that is such an uncharacteristic thing for me to do. In my head I see us together, but then I've been known to daydream in my real life. Part of the appeal is that we are not close to one another. Before I seen him during the holidays we barely spoke, now a month later we barely speak, however he is on my mind constantly. Is this a love affair or just an extended vacation fling? Only one entity knows and He's not saying.

Have a wonderful day....

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