Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In life the one thing that is certain is change, or so they say. And the only thing we are in control of is how we adapt to that change. Most people do not like change, I myself am a creature of habit. I like doing the just about the same thing the same way whenever I have to do it. If something is working why do I need to do something else? Even if something is not working why do I need to change? You can get used to the ill fated mechanism and you get used to it, being adaptable is one of our greatess characteristics and flaws.

Personally I like to try many different things up front, in this way I find myself looking for change, seeking out change, accepting changes as they occur. Then once I have something set, my willingness to change diminishes greatly. In my mind I've already tried out the new, found what works best and hence there is nothing needed to change.

But can the "new" way that works become outdated and inefficient? Sure. And that is where the resistance to change is really determined. Once the ego is set aside, is the change that is occuring really a new way? For instance there is no greater invention than the wheel. And people always say when wanting to save steps that there is no need to recreate the wheel. So then why are there options, with each claiming to be better than the other wheel? Easily stated something is always changing. And in the end it is up to each person individually to chose what is best, i.e. what is the best change for them.
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