Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doing what I want to do

I am a person who will always do what I want to do. I see the consequences and based on the potential pros and cons I make my decision accordingly. I can live with the outcome because I made the choice to do whatever it was I was going to do. Long ago I let someone talk me out of doing what I really wanted to do and I have been off track since, simply making my current situation liveable but not fulling living and enjoying what I wanted to do. I went to Coastal to become a Marine Biologist. I wanted to work with Killer Whales. Well Coastal did not have a program in Marine Biology, their program was Marine Science. On the surface you think same difference right? Wrong, huge difference. After a semester learing about rocks I was done. I went to talk to my guidance counselor who stated "If you only wanted to play with the fishes you're in the wrong field." That same day I changed my major and I've just been existing since. Funny thing about that statement, Killer Whales are not fishes, they just happen to be mammals. Now here I am 12 years later with not one but two business degrees and I'm not passionate about what I do. Don't get me wrong I excel at what I do, but mathematical word problems and inputting information onto a spreadsheet is not the career path I had growing up. So I changed, I decided that no matter what in any situation if I want to do it my way.....I'm going to. Don't fuck that guy....yep you got it if I want to I'm going to. You have to it like this.....well if I don't want to go that way or follow the rules that someone else set up, I'm not going to do it their way. I want to be in control of my happiness, and if I do something that does not make me happy I can better accept it because as an adult I can take accountabilty for my actions. Good or bad only I will dictate what I am going to do.
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