Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You need Jesus

I love this shirt. Its not my shirt, well its my shirt now but it came from my Jamaican and I love wearing it. When I first received it I wore it all the time, but now Im down to once evey two weeks. So the trip is coming up and even though its been pushed back a week Im more excited about it now than I was before. Nothing else has really changed but I just feel better about it now. Another thing Im starting to feel different about is my relationship status. Im starting to feel that I do want a relationship. Once I get back from my trip Im going to actively start pursuing a relationship. I am also going to start doing more things. Im going to start having outtings on Saturdays. I plan on getting up and going out, Im becoming a hermit and I dont like it one bit. I cant be scared to go out like I am currently. So every Saturday Im going to go grocery shopping and window shopping. I need to get out amoungst the people plus getting out there will aid in my quest for my new relationship.......come on Samantha lets ride
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