Monday, February 7, 2011

14.....A Bronx Tale

I'm sitting here at home watching movies. Currently I'm watching A Bronx Tale. I've been wanting to see this movie for years now and today I finally watched it. Only to find out that the book I'm writing, well that book and this movie are very similar. Life is funny that way. There is nothing that someone is thinking about doing that someone else has not already done it thought about doing, its the person who gets there first that gets the glory. My novel is the new updated version of A Bronx Tale, but can it be a remake if you were unaware of the original in the first place, but then I had to somewhat be aware of the movie because I was being drawn to watch it, right. Subconsciously conscience??? I don't know.

What I do know is I have the ability to bring things to me by power of thought. Good things, bad things if I think about it enough in my subconscious mind it becomes my reality. I can draw things I want to me, a power I just realized lately but will try and harvest for my future. I will work on eliminating my subconscious bad thoughts and bring more blessings to my life.

Until tomorrow :-)
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