Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do blondes have more fun????

Yeah I like to think so lol, but then I'm a sometimey blond so I guess I sometimes have fun. What I have learned is that you make your own good time. I have been in places with people where we thought that oh this looks like fun, not. Only to have a truly awesome time. That is what I like about my group of friends, we know each other well enough to accept one another as we are and that eliminates the need to put up any false pretenses.

If we do something that may not show us in our best light it doesn't matter. We are there for one another pushing that person to be their best selves. Do we get on each others nerves? Absolutely but that is the measure of friendship, being able to express how you feel and having that person pull you in if need be.

I remember this time I was driving home from the east side of Columbus and I made a wrong turn and I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't really see and I was lost. How lost? Very. Out of nowhere JC calls me just to see how I am, and I just start crying because I'm frustrated and lost and the area was starting to get bad....(real life not for entertainment purposes, although I do see the humor). All I wanted was to go home, and what should have been a thirty minute trip was becoming the never ending journey.

JC being herself firsts asks me if I'm okay, and if I need her to come over here. Which I might add was a huge thing because she was not a driver, after over forty years on earth she had just recently got her drivers license. I explained that I was driving from the hair dresser, and that I had become lost, that I had no idea where I was and that I couldn't see. JC asked me to describe whatever I saw to her, that even though she didn't drive she knew her way around Columbus. She started joking around with me helping me relax and calm down.

I started naming off store I could make out, and then I named off a street name. She laughed and said girl you're in Southfield, go about 2 more miles then turn left and get on 71. My girl, my sister for life knew that what I needed at that time were a few jokes and mainly directions. It always struck me as funny that she called at the height of me needing assistance. Cars were honking, my eyes were blurry from the lack of vision and the tears but then she called and everything just became better.

Friendships, true friendships, like butter makes eveything better.

The picture of the day is my flat ironed hair which I just did before I started the blog. It looks blond in this pic, and lately I've been having a lot of fun.....coincidence who cares.....
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