Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well today was an interesting day. As the saying goes the only thing that is consistent is change, the only thing we can do is learn to adjust based on that change.

Question.....am I a published author? Well maybe not published as in I'm represented by a big publishing house (yet), but in the most generic form that I write words and those words are published, everyday right here in this blog. I believe that makes me a self publisher.

I realized right after I published my blog yesterday that the picture did not populate. Oh well, can't say I like my picture being published all that much anyway. Todays pic is me back to being curly looking happy...notice the strawberry headwrap. If I could turn back time at 18 I would have not gone to college but instead, I would have become a stripper. My stage name: Strawberry Fields. I love the color red so all my outfits would be red, or they would have big juicy berries on them. I would stay tan, thus having a reddish glow and my hair would be a strawberry blond. Okay....so I can't dance, how much dancing do I really need to do? I like the trick girls anyway so that would be my claim to fame. I would do some sort of trick that involved fire and water and viola I'm famous.

Picture it...red lights pouring down from the stage. The announcer comes on the mic "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls its the succulent and insatiable Strawberrrrrrryyyyy Fiiiiieeeelllldddsssss" and then the intro of LL Cool J's Goin Back to Cali comes on...... the curtain opens and there I am. Seductively grinding and pulsating my way to financial security.

Yep, I'd do everything different if I had the chance. But I don't, so my life is now me making the best of what I have, and well I have a lot.

Until next time..
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