Thursday, February 24, 2011

Declaration of Independence

Look at the color or my hair. It's lovely right? I like it as well. But the shape is the hair is not my favorite. I think it reminds me of a blob. I want to chop it off, cut it into a cute style. This is the most hair I've had on my head in years and I really don't like how I look with longer hair. I don't know if I need to let it get longer or if I just need to go ahead and who it off ala Halle Berry. I don't know, but on the bright side at least now I have options. Life is all about options. I also think that sometimes life gives you too many options. And when I have too many options my head starts to spend and I make myself crazy. I've been on edge all week. Wondering about one particular thing, over and over. Then something new popped intoy conscience and that was helpful because it took my mind off of the one thing but then it was consumed by the other thought and I can doing nothing about any of it. I'm really starting to doubt everything. Everything? Everything!
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