Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good hair day....

What do you mean you can't see my hair? I guess that means you gotta take my word for it huh lol. Anyway let's get started....

Oh how would I describe today? Overall very good even though it started off rough. Last night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up watching Harlem Nights. Good movie lots of old school black hollywood stars. I also stayed up emailing my boo....yep starting around 9 after my hookup we started emailing one another. Okay yes I had a hook up, yours truly does have an fb. It started earlier this year and I thought it would be a one time thing, I even said as much but here it is still continuing. Which is what he alluded to, go figure. In fact things between us seem to be improving and getting better and better. Which for me is a bad thing because as the sex gets better the more attached I get. It's real easy to tell a lame to step off, but someone sexing you like you want and hell, good sex will have you staying when you should have left.

So far me staying, sticking around because of it is not even a possibility this is strictly a sexual relationship. I'm not one to kiss and write but there was a point where he was trying to kiss me and I was hesitant because I'm just getting over a cold. But he just took it. I said "You know I am still sick." And he said "I dont fucking care"....and it was great!! After always being in control it's great to have someone take control. I want this to just be what it is, friends with benefits minus the friends part but eventually things will change up.I'm a girl and sex winds up equaling catching feelings, ugh!!!

Back to the important part of the story. The man that I dream about who consumes my very being. He stared emailing me last night, I thought an earlier comment had turned him off but nope, later on we started corresponding with one another. I had to force myself to go to sleep because all I wanted was to see his name pop up on my screen. Those simple letter placed together makes me hot in places.....oh this man has me Sprung. Last words I read....his. First words I longed for this morning..... and the literary exchange continued up until mid afternoon today. Things between us are getting very good!!! The way he puts his words on my screen makes me want to write a never ending journal about rocks, yeah he's that good. At least in my mind he's that good. Distance and the unknown separate us from knowing the perception over the reality.

Any who...Yay is all I can say, as his words brightened my day. I'm so not the poet lol.

What about fb? What about him, he holds a place a well, just not the space. Sex is a primal need, love is further up.....and we aint even there.

Even though my day started off crappy, due to lack of sleep and yet again spilling coffee all over myself, it ended up being a good day. The effect that just seeing those 13 letters has on me is undeniable. Happiness.

To the pursuitof happiness
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  1. This is so good sissy I really hope your dream comes true! You are an excellent writer give me more!