Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had my red on today, as a show of solidarity. Right now the lovely governor of Ohio, the head of the state workers is trying to systematically destroy state government. Agency by agency, moving state workers out for lower paid private employees. He is neglecting to see the value purpose state workers offer. I'm a proud state worker, several years ago I made the decision to leave the private world to become a civil servant. Now my rights and the rights of my coworkers is being threatened. I see myself as a very non political person I did vote for the other person though and now I feel that I have to rise to the occasion to voice a wrong that needs to be made right.

From the start of his campaign he's stated that he wanted to dismantle state agencies, make them private so that he can produce the same work, with cheaper people. And not even a month into office that is exactly what he is doing. He won the election by two percent, but even so two percent is still a win. But I believe the win was less for him, and more so a vote against his opponent.

With so many things to be worried about, number one on his agenda is destroying the very people he presides over, less he forget he too is a state employee. I do believe he's forgotten that. There are so many reasons why what he is doing is wrong. But in my opinion joining an organization just to tear it apart is plain evil.

I don't like people, as such you'd never see me working in an area where I need to provide customer service or cater to people in any fashion. If you don't truly like the people you work with and for then why do it. In this case I believe that his outside pull is directing his agenda.

What the head of the state is essential doing is infiltrating an organization just to rip it apart. It's the equivalent of the grand wizard joining the black panthers just to kill off the members one by one.

I can't solely blame him, he always stated that he was planning the destruction of the state government. If a person tells you who they are one must believe them, we the voters of Ohio failed to believe.

I don't like talking to people, but I've called my state senators asking them to vote again senate bill 5. This bill can not pass.....I'm willing to do my part.
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