Sunday, February 27, 2011

My favorite position

This is my favorite position. Laying on the couch watching tv resting and enjoying my morning, afternoon or evening. Yesterday I was supposed to do three things. I wound up doing only one of those things and I tried to get out of that but in the end I went. I must admit that I was very apprehensive about going, I had worked up the event in my head to be something it wasn't. I thought how strange to be invited to an event by someone I haven't seen in ages. Don't get me wrong I was extremely excited to be invited but as the day approached I started becoming more and more nervous. I was half dressed then I just stopped. But then I got a phone call reassuring me that it would be okay, and guess what? It was. In fact it was totally awesome, I had a really good time. And even though I just wanted to be chilling out on the couch I can honestly day I'm glad I moved from my position and into a wonderful place.

I plan on taking this new found motivation and applying it to all my lifestyle situation. I have to learn to get up from my comfy place and go out and face new situations. The outcome of the situation is based on my attitude, and if I go in thinking everything will be okay, it'll probably be better than that.
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