Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 8

Hello Cleveland.....and all the rest of the places that have people reside in that read my blog. My guess is the only other place so far would be Columbus. But then as the marketing major I am I am failing at the four p's. I'm not pushing my product. Well in the future I'll do much better.

I must say that I'm only on day eight of the blog and I already feel like it's bothersome. I look forward to and dread this blog at the same time. At least it is helping me keep up my writing. And if I want to be a writer, well I have to write.

I'm watching Serendipity in bed hence the picture of me in bed lol.....which they say is a fortunate accident. In the movie two people meet and hit it off, but its not the right time for them at that moment. Even though they a drawn to each other it is not something that will come to furition. (At times like this I miss spell check). So they spend a wonderful day together and then part, if it was really meant to be they will see each other again.

Stuff like this only happens in movies right, right? Nope. It does happen in real life, and when it does it makes that chance encounter even more memorable. I once met a guy on a cruise. At that time I was involved with someone else so meeting anyone else was not part of my plan. But then I became friends with a person who lives minutes away from the cruise guy. But I didn't know that at the time. She asks me to go home with her and guess what, a second encounter takes place. The chemistry between us is magical at worst and everything that sparkels and glitters at best. Everything just felt right, as if this was the person I was meant to be with.

Right now this is still a work in progress, I dont know if things will work out between us. But our serendipitious meeting will always be special.

Goodbye Cleveland!!!
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